Ringarooma River Catchment Study

Client: University of Tasmania, Sense T

Project: The purpose of this project was to quantify the economic impact of the adaptive management activities conducted by the Ringarooma Water User Group (RWUG) and the broader community. Eleven farmers were interviewed for analysis.

The University of Tasmania and CSIRO staff supported adaptive management (AM) during the 2015/16 irrigation season to enable RWUG to manage the stream flows of the Ringarooma River Catchment to keep the water levels above Cease to Take (CTT) thresholds. CCT levels are as specified in the Ringarooma River Catchment Water Management Plan 2014 (RRWMP).

The Adaptive Management (AM) actions during the 2015/16 summer irrigation period for the Ringarooma Catchment, resulted in a significant economic gain due to the organised nature of the Ringarooma Water Users Group (RWUG) and the ability to undertake AM, due to its inclusion within RRWMP. These two critical points highlight how policy instruments can better enable a community to take actions into their own hands and effectively self-manage a resource that is essential for their economic sustainability whilst ensuring environmental risks are minimised