Our Water – Our Future; Your Water Licence – Your say

This project was undertaken for DPIPWE, to determine water-licence holders understanding of their rights and obligations with respect to compliance with licence requirements. The project was part of a broader initiative developed under the National Framework for Compliance Systems for Water Resource Management; a collaborative reform program agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and funded by the Australian Government.

Responses showed that most people choose to do the right thing most of the time, however, some water licence holders do not comply with aspects of their water licence that they do not understand or that they feel are unnecessary.  In addition there are some users who will take water outside the conditions of their licence if they think there will be minimal impact on the environment or downstream users and if there is minimal risk of being detected. Voluntary compliance was seen to be the desired out come at all levels and was thought to be much easier to achieve by the irrigators themselves through greater local control.

The results of the project will be used by DPIPWE to identify easier and less costly ways for licence holders to meet the objectives of licence conditions, as well as making it easier for DPIPWE to ensure that licence conditions are being met.

Download the summary report: Summary report