Enterprise Scale

Client: Various municipalities

Project: Enterprise scale analysis provides the next level of assessment after the Constraints Analysis and should target those areas that Councils or land owners think require closer scrutiny, to ascertain whether they should be included in the Agricultural Zone or not.

The following characteristics need to be considered: Title size, land capability, current and potential water available for irrigation, current and potential land use, non-agricultural development on the title and surrounding the title and limitations to agricultural use, connectivity (titles farmed in conjunction, physical barriers, etc) and regional context (distance to markets, labour hire, contractors, etc). The analysis, determines what scale of operation the characteristics of the title most closely align with: Commercial, hobby, lifestyle or residential. These terms have been previously defined in Ketelaar, A and Armstrong, D. 2012, Discussions paper – Clarification of the Tools and Methodologies and Their Limitations for Understanding the Use of Agricultural Land in the Northern Region, which was a paper written for Northern Tasmania Development.

Recommendations can then be provided on where the boundary for the Agricultural Zone should lie. From this analysis, Local Government Planners can then make better informed decisions on titles that should be included in the Agricultural Zone or better justify areas that should be excluded from the Agricultural Zone.