Agriculture/Rural zoning reviews

Client: Various municipalities (MVC, KI Council, LCC)

Project: In response to the Stage Government’s State Planning Provisions, Councils need to amend their local provisions to be compliant with State Planning Scheme. As part of this process the State Government has determined that the existing Rural Resource zone be split into two new zones; the Agriculture Zone and Rural Zone. To assist with defining the boundaries of these two new zones the State Government Commissioned the Agricultural Land Mapping Project as a guide. However, as the mapping process in the Agricultural Land Mapping Project utilises generic decision rules and desktop GIS analysis of datasets some anomalies are evident in the end product. There are also areas within the proposed Agriculture zone which have a degree of constraint for agricultural use.

AK Consultants has been engaged by a number of councils to analysis anomalies of the state wide mapping on a municipality level and to provide recommendations for the delineation of the Rural or Agriculture zoning based on consistent land use patterns and the defined purposes of the new zones.