Astrid Ketelaar, B. Land Man, MEIANZ, MAIA

  • Business Owner and Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • Mobile 0407 872 743
  • Astrid has been a natural resource management service provider since 1999 and became a partner in 2008. Astrid has a background as a Technical Forester and over 25 years experience in land and water resources management. Astrid specialises in irrigation water resources and development approvals.

Samantha Gadsby, BSc, M Env Man,

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant                      
  • Mobile 0400 143 772
  • Samantha has worked for AK Consultants since 2012 and has been the lead consultant in several projects including climate change adaptation research and Land Use Planning at the Regional Level. Samantha delivers services in site management plans and on ground site assessment , monitoring and mapping as well as water resources.


Michael Tempest, B Env,

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • 0467 452 155
  • Michael started with AK Consultants in 2015 and is involved with projects relating to land use planning and environmental assessment and monitoring,  including effluent reuse.
  • Michael is a Provisional Bushfire Hazard Practitioner

David Armstrong, BAgrSc, CPAg, MAIAST

  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Mobile 0408 131 796
  • David has over 35 years experience as an agricultural consultant, specialising in farm business management.

Alanna Stubbs

  • Admin Officer
  • Alanna joined the AK Consultants team in 2016 and provides administrative support and field assistance.

Sally Scrivens, BSc (Hons)

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • Mobile 0409 616 173
  • Sally started with AK Consultants in 2018 with a background in ecology. Specialises in natural values assessments.


Jim Nelson, B.A. Biology

  • Specialist Fauna Consultant

  • Jim  specialises in crayfish work and has more than 25 years experience with Tasmania’s freshwater crayfish fauna.