Astrid Ketelaar, B. Land Man, MEIANZ, MAIA

  • Business Owner and Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • Mobile 0407 872 743
  • Astrid has been a natural resource management service provider since 1999 and became a partner in 2008. Astrid has a background as a Technical Forester and over 25 years experience in land and water resources management. Astrid specialises in irrigation water resources and development approvals.

Samantha Gadsby, BSc, M Env Man.

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant                      
  • Mobile 0400 143 772
  • Samantha has worked for AK Consultants since 2012 and specialises in water resources. Samantha also delivers services in natural values and land use planning.


Michael Tempest, B Env

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • Mobile 0467 452 155
  • Michael started with AK Consultants in 2015 and is involved with projects relating to land use planning and environmental assessment and monitoring, including effluent reuse.
  • Michael is a Provisional Bushfire Hazard Practitioner.

David Armstrong, BAgrSc, CPAg, MAIAST

  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Mobile 0408 131 796
  • David has over 35 years experience as an agricultural consultant, specialising in farm business management.
  • David now acts in a mentoring role to the rest of the team

Sally Scrivens, BSc (Hons)

  • Natural Resource Management Consultant
  • Mobile 0409 616 173
  • Sally started with AK Consultants in 2018 and has a background in ecology with extensive field experience. Sally specialises in natural values assessments and has experience in water resources and land use planning.

Ossie Lang

  • Admin Officer
  • Ossie joined the AK Consultants team in 2019 and provides administrative support and field assistance.