Water Resources

Dam Assessment (Division 3 and Division 4 permit applications) and Water Allocation Assessment reports including environmental assessments associated with water resource development

Preparation of Division 3 and Division 4 Dam Permit applications and Water Allocation Assessment Reports (WAAR).

Our approach to both Division 4 and Division 3 permits and Water Allocation Assessment Reports (WAARs) is from a fatal flaw analysis perspective where we investigate and work through all the potential issues (flora, fauna, vegetation, yield, engineering, fish passage, acid sulfate soils, saline soils, landslide, sediment and erosion control and Aboriginal Heritage) with the aim of providing the client with guidance on likely additional assessment requirements, associated costs and likelihood of a successful application, prior to completing and submitting a Notice of Intent to Undertake Dam Works ( Division 4) or Application to Undertake Dam Works (Division 3) or WAAR.

 We often coordinate the preparation of reports from other specialists (surveyors, hydrologists, engineers, Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage consultants, vegetation, flora and fauna specialists etc) and we are approved consultants to assess habitats for Freshwater Crayfish and Burrowing Crayfish and conduct Natural Values Assessments and we are on the Department’s Environmental Consultants Register.

Additionally we can undertake Consequence Category Assessments and spillway calculations for dams with a Consequence Category of up to “Significant”.

Water development and irrigation planning

AK Consultants have a number of specialist skills associated with irrigation. These skills can be applied at the farm scale or the regional scale and they include:

  • Assessment of the land and water resources, and their suitability for irrigation development.
  • Water resource assessment; with determination of the water requirements for irrigation development and the options for supply.
  • Preparation of Division 3 and Division 4 Dam Permit applications and Water Allocation Assessment Reports (WAAR). (See Dam Assessments and Water Licence applications).
  • Irrigation feasibility studies
  • Salinity risk assessment and management
  • Design of the irrigation concept.
  • Advice on water costs and water trading.
  • Negotiation services between irrigation groups and the Department

Irrigation feasibility studies

AK Consultants can assist with preliminary planning and the development of an irrigation concept for a property, prior to engaging a specialist irrigation designer. Preliminary concepts consider land and soil suitability, hazards, water requirements and sources, salinity, equipment requirements and economics (costs and returns).



Acid sulfate soils assessment and management plans

AK Consultants can undertake acid sulfate soils testing and provide advice for acid sulfate soils management, including the compilation of Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plans, for developments that may disturb acid sulfate soils such as dam works and irrigation pipeline installation. We utilise the advice of the Tasmanian Acid Sulfate Soil Management Guidelines 2009 to achieve best practice environmental management and avoid environmental harm resulting from the exposure of acid sulfate soils.

AK Consultants have developed a staged approach to the identification, testing and management of acid sulfate soils to ensure cost effective outcomes. All soil testing is undertaken in NATA accredited laboratories.