GIS – Geographical Information Services

GIS is integral to most of the services AK Consultants provide. While QGIS and Mapinfo are the preferred GIS platforms, AK Consultants are also familiar with Arcview and ArcGIS. AK Consultants have the capacity to provide project support in mapping to other consultancy firms who wish to outsource the mapping component of their projects.

Geo-referenced Maps

AK Consultants can produce geo-referenced maps compatible with software such as Avenza Maps, which is free to download and  install on your smart phone or tablet. Georefenced maps allow you to locate yourself in the field and can be used for ground truthing the location of a new dam, fenceline, etc.

Property Maps

AK Consultants can produce the maps required for all the services we provide. We can also produce maps as required by clients, for example farm layouts or concept plans showing paddocks, pivots, infrastructure, etc.