Farm Business Management

Financial analyses and benchmarking.

Benchmarking is an analytical tool to assess financial performance. Its value cannot be underestimated in assisting farming businesses to be efficient, viable and profitable. AK consultants have developed a system that analyses whole farm performance. We use a number of key performance indicators which particularly assess the scale and efficiency of the business. The results of the analysis are clearly articulated and readily understood.

To conduct a farm business analysis, we will come to you on your farm. The initial farm visit will usually take around half a day and generally the only paperwork you need to supply is your tax return for the last 3 years. Once the analysis has been completed, we will return to provide you with a report on your business and work through the results with you. We can also advise on farm management options to achieve desired financial outcomes.

Farm business management

AK Consultants have specialist expertise and experience in all aspects of Farm Business Management. This includes planning and analytical advice and assessments such as:

  • Cash flow budgeting and feasibility studies.
  • Advice on land use and enterprise selection
  • Feasibility studies, such as property purchase, irrigation and similar investments.
  • Loan applications.
  • Preparation of digitalĀ farm mapsĀ using GIS.
  • Advice on leasing and share-farming arrangements