Natural Values Assessments

AK Consultants can undertake surveys for flora and fauna and vegetation and conduct desktop studies for Natural Values. We provide advice on management requirements, for development applications, dam and other infrastructure assessments. We can also advise on rehabilitation and restoration works. The services we provide in Natural Values is generally associated with other services and provides a one-stop-shop approach to additional assessment requirements for Development Applications and Dam Assessments. We can advise whether additional expertise is required in specific values or provide this additional expertise ourselves for freshwater crayfish and burrowing crayfish.

Property greenhouse gas audits

There is increasing interest in the contribution of farm businesses to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with some farmers wanting information on the amount of GHG their farming activities are responsible for, and means to reduce or offset those emissions. AK Consultants has completed a number of GHG audits for farms in the Tamar Valley for Tamar NRM, using several GHG calculators. We now have the skills to undertake GHG audits on farms with various enterprises elsewhere in the State

Freshwater crayfish site investigations

AK Consultants in conjunction with Jim Nelson have 25 years experience surveying freshwater crayfish fauna in Tasmania. We are accredited to assess habitats for Giant Freshwater Lobsters (including capture and relocation) and Burrowing Crayfish

Rivercare and Environmental Management Planning

Our consultants have prepared many Rivercare Plans for rivers in the north of the State, including reaches of the Ringarooma, South Esk, Macquarie, Inglis/Flowerdale, Meander, Mersey, Don and others. Some of these plans have extended to Catchment Management Plans.

Environmental Management Plans

AK Consultants can prepare Environmental Management Plans for intensive livestock operations.

Acid sulfate soils assessment and management plans

AK Consultants can undertake acid sulfate soils testing and provide advice for acid sulfate soils management, including the compilation of Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plans, for developments that may disturb acid sulfate soils such as dam works and irrigation pipeline installation. We utilise the advice of the Tasmanian Acid Sulfate Soil Management Guidelines 2009 to achieve best practice environmental management and avoid environmental harm resulting from the exposure of acid sulfate soils.

AK Consultants have developed a staged approach to the identification, testing and management of acid sulfate soils to ensure cost effective outcomes. All soil testing is undertaken in NATA accredited laboratories.