Business Services

  • Project management and support.


  • Planning for and monitoring of the land application of recycled water and bio solids.


  • Vegetation and habitat assessments for flora and fauna, and management advice and plans
  • Natural Values Assessments, including those in association with water resource development and Local Government development applications
  • Property greenhouse audits
  • Freshwater crayfish and burrowing crayfish site investigations
  • Rivercare and Environmental Management Planning
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Acid sulfate soils assessment and management plans
  • Negotiating offsets.

Expert Witness

  • Evidence for litigation and insurance claims on agricultural and rural land use matters
  • Insurance claims
  • Mediation.

Farm Business Management

  • Financial analyses and benchmarking
  • Farm business management.

Land Use Planning

  • Land Capability and impact on agriculture; assessments for development applications
  • Land Capability assessment
  • Land use planning and State policy on the Protection of Agricultural Land 2009 (PAL Policy)
  • Acid sulfate soil risk assessments and management in the rural zone
  • Assessment of soil salinity risks and management associated with agricultural land use
  • Agricultural reports for developments in rural zones
  • Agricultural Land Studies – municipal, catchment, and regional scale
  • Regional land use planning for Municipal Planning Schemes
  • Bushfire risk assessments for development applications
  • Property reports and due diligence
  • Soil assessment, mapping, and management.

Training and Facilitation

  • For farmers and others on agricultural, forestry, and rural issues.

Water Resources

  • Dam feasibility assessment and dam permit applications
  • Water Allocation Assessment Reports and water licencing
  • Water development and irrigation planning
  • Irrigation feasibility studies
  • Dam safety reviews
  • Due diligence in relation to water licences, water entitlements, and existing and potential dam capacities
  • Acid sulfate soils assessment and management plans
  • Salinity risk assessment and management.

GIS – Geographical Information Services

  • Property maps
  • Mapping for proposed developments
  • Geo-referenced mapping.