Dairy Effluent Management

AK Consultants worked with Badcock Irrigation Services to prepare Dairy Effluent Management Plans for 180 dairy farms throughout Tasmania. These plans were prepared for Dairy Tas with funding from the Tasmanian NRM organisations, and they described changes to effluent systems required to lift the effluent management to “Best Practice”.

Some Local Councils require effluent management plans prior to granting approval for the construction of new dairy sheds, and Robin and David have completed a number of plans in various dairying areas in the state. These plans focus on the land application of effluent and ensuring the risks of surface and groundwater pollution are minimised.

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority has drafted a Code of Practice for dairy effluent management. Indications are that compliance with the Code will become a requirement to operate a dairy in 2011. David and Robin have recently completed the Dairy Effluent System Designers Course run by the National Centre for Dairy Education, and are qualified to provide advice and deliver effluent. management plans.