AK Consultants

AK Consultants, formerly Armstrong Agricultural Services has been helping rural Tasmania since 1987. Our clients include farmers, Regional NRM Groups, corporate clients and Government Agencies. We are committed to providing the highest standard in agricultural and land & water management consulting in Tasmania. Our quality services are recognised by the regulators as providing value for money and have been acknowledged in feedback; “Your well above average consideration of natural values likely saved your clients a good deal of time, energy and money”.

In the last decade there has been a gradual shift in the services the firm provides, consistent with the national trend in the agricultural consulting profession. Initial emphasis was in farm business management and rural land-use management. Whilst this still forms a large proportion of the services which AK Consultants provides there is now a greater environmental component to the services with specific emphasis on environmental planning.

AK Consultants is a family friendly business and encourages flexible working arrangements. Each employee brings unique skills to the firm, and while employees provide expertise in particular fields there is also a high degree of team work and the firm often teams up with other consultancy businesses to be able to contribute to the skill mix required to deliver larger projects.

AK Consultants employees operate within a policy framework as specified in the Code of Ethics for the Agricultural Institute of Australia and Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (see AIAST & EIANZ Code of Ethics).

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Our Business

  • Farming Businesses – help farmers to grow and operate environmentally sustainable and financially rewarding farming businesses.
  • Rural landholders – help them to meet government regulatory requirements in relation to development proposals.
  • Government agencies and corporations – help them in their interactions with farmers and rural landholders.
  • We provide assessment and planning services and advice.
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Our commitments & values

  • We care about our clients, and will at all times act in their best interests. Where there is potential for conflict between competing interests we will discuss the issue with the client, and if appropriate withdraw from the consultancy.
  • We care about the environment, and will assess our impacts on the environment and the potential impacts of our consulting advice.
  • We care about agriculture in Tasmania, and we aim to protect and enhance the opportunities for profitable and environmentally sustainable agricultural businesses.
  • We care about our employees, and aim to provide personally satisfying and financially rewarding employment opportunities by encouraging personal development and recognising good performance. We encourage a work–life balance and are a family friendly employer.
  • We value and aim to provide personal service, tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.
  • We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology and the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.
  • We aim to provide fair value to our clients.
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